Farm Mechanization:

Agricultural machinery and equipment; Remote control and remote sensing systems; Precision agriculture; Process modelling.

Soil and Water Conservation:

Soil sciences; Soil tillage; Soil health; Soil and water quality; Soil conservation systems; Soil heath and plant nutrition for sustainable agriculture; Crops irrigation; Water management.

Crop Production and Plant Protection:

Crop breeding and genetics; Crop nutrition, Crop physiology; Crop and soil interactions; Biotechnology for farming and the use of plants; Plant breeding; Horticultural and floricultural crops; Organic farming; Food systems; Farming and cropping systems.

Animal Production, Animal Health and Veterinary Medicine:

Animal breeding; Animal nutrition; Animal health.

Environmental Sciences:

Environmentally-friendly technologies and methodologies; Environmental protection and pollution prevention; Environmental remediation; Environmental modelling and optimisation; Environmental impact and risk assessment; Environmental influences on production and products; Geographical information systems, Circular economy